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With exception of traumas appearanced due to accidents, all other traumas, regardless on its mutually diversity, have one common attribute – there is always one violent person exists (or more of them), which causes trauma. Designedly directed violence against some person, with purpose of hurting him and to cause a pain, results to trauma appearance, whereby person is exposed to some kind of mental, emotional and physically maltreatment.
This violence could be short termed and of high intensity or otherwise, long termed and of low intensity of pain. Although, these are two completely opposite ways of activity, unfortunately, it seems that both of these very successfully and destructive affect on person which is choosen to be a victim.

Many times there is an impression that violence is appearing, incidentally and unawares, however, mainly it is not a case. Tyrant knowingly and aimed search for suitable victim, because some kind of internal "violence hunger” forcing him, whereupon he is feeling excited, nervous and aggressive. In such a condition, he is a hunter who is looking for his catch, victim which he could make degraded and maltreating so many as he needs, until he doesn’t satisfy and feed his internal hunger. Of course, tyrant will generally find reasonable explanation: victim is always guilty because of something, and he is occasionally determined to realize "justly” punishment. In that respect, tyrant doesn’t have significantly pangs of conscience, this excuse is perfectly operating.

In every person’s life, many times hard life experience appears, which, in course of time, can transform into that we call trauma. Trauma can be defined as "strong negative experience, which provoke permanently and deep psyche and organic structure damages at some person ".

It is impossible to enumerate all kinds of traumas, but essentially, we can classify them in several groups:

- Family trauma represent trauma which originate due long-term violence in a family, where is mostly a man is a tyrant, and victims are spouse and / or children. Many times, it happens that woman who is victim of the violence, makes transfer of her trauma on her children, namely, she became to be violent outward her children, successfully relieving (leastwise for certain time) her own traumas.

- Emotional trauma originates as a consequence of long-term or intensive emotional relationship rupture.

- Sexual trauma originates as a consequence of incest in a childhood by parent or some other adult person, or as a consequence of extended sexual maltreatment and raping in adulthood. Many times it was happened that sexual trauma victim feels guilty (or it is suggested so by the tyrant) and so degraded, that about that experience that victim doesn’t talk to nobody and try to repress it in a deep subconsciousness.

- Physically trauma originates due to hard physically injuries (surgeries, traffic accidents, natural disasters, etc…).

- War trauma originates as a consequence of long-term death fear, due to capturing and torture, injuring, involuntarily participation in war actions, presenting to killing of family members, deportation and destruction of private property and the like.

- Maltreatment and torturing - Traumas accrued due to police and prison maltreatment and torturing

- Parapsychological trauma originates due to magic affects, curses, love witchcrafts, energetic vampirism and other phenomenons which are caused by negative affect of parapsychologic trained person.

Distinctively for all traumas is that, although trauma itself is easy visible, its healing is very hard and uncertainly, so many times traumatized person spends rest of the life along with his painfull experience, never succeeding to forget, heal and continue with normal life. Selfhealing system of every person in most cases succeed to heal in time all physical, emotional and mental injuries, but with trauma it is almost impossible because it is placed on the level of Development Consciousness of Soul, where person doesn’t have almost any influence.

What moves some person to become violent and to participate in maltreatment of the others?

Although psychology, sociology and medicine could offer satisfactory answers, we shall try to highlight this problem from energetic aspect.
In a book named "Celestic prediction”, James Redfield describes in what manner by every contact between two persons, energetic exchange realizing. Inasmuch that relation is positive and filled by love and understanding, than both of persons are feeling pleasant and experience enhanced energy influx – they are cheerful, laughing and have a feeling that all boundaries of their beings are getting expand. However, if there is a conflict between them or if one person has negative mood toward other person, than energetic flow is stopping and the struggle for energy appropriation is starting. The person which is defeated in that conflict, at the same time also losing a part of own energy which is entered in a relationship and which winner appropriates increasing his energetic potential.
Shortly, this would be a basic idea of this book, and moreover, in a book, through 8 previews, there is explained approach of energy perception in the nature, four basic strategies whereby every person attract other person’s energies and many other useful things, so, to avoid paraphrasing, we recommend you to read a book.

Well, there is a question appearing, what is the reason for energy struggle?

It seems there are three basic causes:

First cause – spontaneously recovery of energetic relation between two persons and battle for appropriating and monitoring of enhanced energetic system

Second cause – the transmission of trauma

Third cause – connection breaking with our Soul’s energy.

Every relation between two persons results with eneregy exchange, so, if it is more intensive, than there is automatic appears energetic relation, which is -although it is invisible or just because of that, more lasting and harder of any other psychical relation.
The more thoughtful, emotional and psychical energy is entered, the relation between that two persons is stronger and harder. Before they established mutually relation, both of persons existed separately and independently – one subject with its energetic system and other subject with its energetic system. However, relation establishing, changes that relation and there next situation appears: there are still two subjects, but because they are connected by the relation, their energetic systems now operate as a one enlarged common energetic system .

It is distinctively until then, there is appearing something what we call "average of increased energetic system ". If we imagine that energetic system intensity of some person represent amount of, let us say, 80 energetic units, and other energetic system intensity represent amount of 50 units, than with a establishing of relationship appears energy overflow from stronger into weaker energetic system and their equalization, so increased energetic system average represent amount of 65 units. Principally, this happens by harmonic relationships, where persons appreciate each other. You probably heard that for some man is said: "Oh my God, since he get married, he is entirely changed and subsided, I can’t recognize him”, and that was happen just because of average of increased system establishing.

However, in relations which are not harmonic and where persons don’t respect each other, than they try (mainly unconsciously) to break (energetic) connection which is already established, because till it exist, it avail as two-way channel for mutually negative energy exchange. Thus, the struggle appears, whereby both persons try to maintain and detain so much energy as much as possible and to simultaneously break the connection.

Later in other chapter, we are going to explain the way it happens and thereat what is going on.

The second cause is the Transmission of Trauma.
Trauma in itself represents a certain amount of energetic self-consciousness of certain tension, whose coefficient of intelligence does not equal more then 3-4 points, and whose main and at the same time the only condition of consciousness is pain.

That is why, in cases when the permanent or temporary connection is established between the energetic system of two people (fighting or molesting), then trauma automatically transmits into (or stays inside of) that energetic system which emits the higher degree of pain, although from the side of its consciousness he experiences it as a friendly surrounding, full of energy-food from which the conscious of that trauma itself consists of.
This way trauma with this transmission either increases its energetic charge (in case they are similar) or its energy-consciousness unites with other traumas (in case they are different), that way building a strong block of its own pain, while the very victim sinks into the condition of prolonged trauma.

Considering that the Molester is on that stage of spiritual development, where he himself – usually with envy and hate, always produces his own pain, after some time when it builds up and again the danger arises of developing a new trauma, then the Molester looks for the same or some other victim, so it could, with repeated molestation transmit his own, newly clustered pain.

* * *

Even though we used an expression "trauma” here this transmission is often played out with the pain which is present in close pre-traumatic phase, even though in some cases that same thing happens with trauma itself.

Here, we’ll use term "Soul”, but if it is more suitable for you, instead that term, you can use any other term, which represent description of your personal upper spiritual energies: Upper Me, Being , Atman …

Why contact with a Soul could be so important ?
Although all religions make notice about it, our knowledge about Soul – and its nature and role in human’s life, almost is equal to zero. Ask your friends and colleges to explain to you what is the Soul and you’ll see that mainly it will be generalized description, something like: "soul is something the most beautiful inside the man ” and the like.
The fact is that humanity don’t know almost nothing – including me, about its role and importance in every person’s life. Every limitation and "defining” of the Soul, probably could be defectively, but to reach leastwise approximatively idea about what is it, we could describe it as a "Permanently Energetic Consciousness, which makes three temporarily bodies: thoughtful, emotional and physical as a helpful means, when Developing Soul Consciousness could gain experiences and gradually recognize all those qualities, which Soul already owns inside it.”

It is source of the Love and all positive feelings which pervade us, so maybe, it is a leading reason why presence of the babies make us so soften and fill us with love, because in that time they still have strong and wide connection with own Soul, which energy we fell unconsciously and react on it.

Soul energies are not only exclusively positive and filled by Love, but at the same time they represent energies which have strong healing and regenerating effect. Therefore, the most important consequence which trauma leaves is loss of connection with own Soul, because of person feels entirely passive, exhausted and depressed, because, Soul is for man like an engine for a car – if it is not operative, than howsoever the car is good, we won’t have any advantage of it.

Soul relation interruption
Although with birth every person automatic have established relation with a Soul, during life mostly of us break that connection – in most cases, we aren’t aware of it.

The reason for this relation interruption is so simple – every expression of love, unselfishness, kindness, sincerity, generosity, honesty…everything what is some of Soul’s attributes, in this world – Egoland, were roughly assessed by the other people.
Inasmuch that person is adult, that person will be considered mentally retarded or leastwise as a fool, so the others will behave on that way toward that person. To protect himself from the others, realized his necessaries, goals and be accepted from their side, for that person it is necessarly to partly or completely reject this attributes – energies, whereby he unconsciously break connection with his Soul.

Energetic connection breaking with a Soul leads to deficiency of "good” energies in his energetic system, which makes that person nervous, irritable, aggressively and unfortunate. The only way for compensation of those energies become their larceny or dispossession, from those persons, who still didn’t break connection with their Souls.

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