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Welcome to the site within we shall try to find causes which result to trauma appearance, lets study influence and consequences which on healthy persons, just as possibility of healing of the same.

In that exploration, we won’t be limited by valid scientific and social understanding of that problem, but we shall observe trauma – its appearance and healing, as energetic appearance.

These pages are became as a result of long-term examination of different materials and meditations, with basic intention of own traumas healing, so therefore, its content will be supplement from time to time and change in a volume in my understandings about its appearance and healing will be evolve.
Accordingly, all informations and concepts which are given here, are not necessarily to understand as some kind of "system”, "learning” or "Final Truth”, but only just as a group of fluid ideas and some kind of temporary psychological pattern, which helps me to recognize, understand and heal arose pain.

Inasmuch some of this texts helps also to you in understanding and healing of your own traumas, I’ll be glad.

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