Писмо Савету Европе

Ово писмо упућено је господину Thomasu Hammarbergu, комесару за људска права Савета Европе.

"Respected mr. Hammarberg

My name was Oliver Popovich, I’m 48 year old and I live in Belgrade/Serbia. Reason because I write to you, is because Serbian Orthodox Church, police and regime members maltreatment me. In past 18 months, they captive me 7 time (totally 90 days of prison), because I earn money for life as a street spiritual healer/meditation. They hate me, because Serbian church tell them that people who meditate are "devil servant” who try to destroy "Holy Church” – i.e. them.

Also, police maltreatment me because I don’t like regime, because they despoil and devastate Serbia and so, I write some graphite on wall, about that. They catch me, sent me to jail (totally 40 days) and tell me that is forbiden to write against regime(!). Europe promise us freedom and democracy, but we get primitive and brutal dictatorship and miserly life. As we see, you lie us.

In personal contact some of policeman are cultural, but some of them, aren’t. They blare, brandish and frightening me… and couple day ago (17.september), one policeman hit me in my forearms until I’m in meditation (which is very dangerously for me), bawl on me and when I ask him: "Sir, can I write number of your police badge"?, he brawl on me, denominate me as "donkey” and take me in police station (one day of restraint). Number of his badge is 104880.

Civil police officer also threat me because I’m Montenegrin and tell me to leave Serbia and depart in Montenegro. They especially hate me because in past three months on my bagging panel I write: "I COLLECT MONEY TO LEAVE SERBIA”. In jail – because I’m vegan, they serve me food separately from other prisoner, and because of that, once I have seriously health problem.

I apologize if with this letter I bereave your time, but I’m absolutely deprived in Serbia. I write two time to you office in Belgrade, but they can’t help me. Also I write and to embassy of some Europe countries, but they don’t help me. Maybe you have more sensibility and time to understand this letter.

Wish you well, Oliver Popovich”