Писмо амбасадорима

Ово писмо послао сам амбасадорима Аустралије, Велике Британије, Италије, Канаде, Кине, Немачке, Норвешке, Русије, Француске, Швајцарске, Шведске и Шпаније.

Your Excellency,

My name was Oliver Popović and I wrote this appeal to you because in the past two year Serbian Orthodox Church an police officers torture me. Reason for that is because in the past ten years I practice meditation as my way of spiritual development and in past two year I live as homeless person and beggar who earn money for food with spiritual healing. I know that in first sight such king of living can look like odd, but this is one of phase of my spiritual development. Unfortunately, but Serbian Orthodox Church and police make me problem – not because I’m beggar, already because they think that meditation and spiritual healing are "devil things” who jeopardize the core of Serbian nation – Serbian Orthodox Church.

 When I start to live at that way (july 2009) first six month police don’t disturb me, already they test me to check am I bluffer, and when they assure that my healing channeling has healing effects, one of civil police officers tel me that I can work as spiritual healer, but only if I work with icons of "saints” of Serbian Orthodox Church. But, because spirituality and spiritual healing don’t have any connection with religion and Serbian Orthodox Church, I disclaim their blackmail and after that, they start to make me problems. This is some of incidents:

  • during may of 2010 in Palmotić street, young orthodox priest [Serafim (Zoran) Novoživiščević ID no. 279008, personal no. 2605978710367] attack me, kick my beggar’s box and info pano about spiritual healing, and jellding at me that I’m member of some sect… and similar,

  • one-two week after that, in Zemun – in Glavna street, two orthodox theologian student "interrogate” me about my spiritual work and warning me that they can slapping me if I contitnue with my spiritual work (meditation and healing),

  • in Novi Beograd – near old market center "Mercator”, couple time somebody (when begging all time I’m in meditation) left me flayers with invitation for "orthodoxy reeducation” in their center (Francuska street no. 27),

  • three-four time near "Kalenić” market and in the bulevar Revolucije, I’m be verbally attacked by side of "talibans” (orthodox religious fanatics) who sake my spiritual work,

  • during this two year almost 40-50 civil police officers tiring and prostrate me with friendly demanding to explain them how I work and what are purpose of my spiritual work,

  • during 2010 year – in november/december, in underground passage in Nušić street, three times happened that civil police officers accuse me because I’m Montenegrin who live in Serbia (and so I’m for them enemy) and "suggest” me to leave Serbia and remove to (Montenegro towns) Herceg Novi or Bar (Ethnicly I’m Montenergrin, but I’m born in Serbia and have Serbian citizenship).

  • during 2011 several time civil police officers frightening me because I work meditation and healing publicly and because I contempt to will and power of Serbian Orthodox Church

During past two years I’m 5 time custody because of my street work (totally 84 day of prison) last time since 19 may-18 june this year I serve sentence in prison "Padinska Skela” and because I’m vegan, they serve food for me separated from other prisoners. During 30 days of sentence, three time after lunching I feel intensive tingle in body, pain in kidney and heart, declension of immunity, pain and tumidity of gullet and appearing of vesicle at the forearm of the both arms.

So, because Serbian authority think that with my spiritual work I jeopardize heart of Serbian nation – Serbian Orthodox Church, and because at my site (www.isceljenjetrauma.blog.com) I criticize church, police and regime, I’m sure that they intentionaly poison me in jail, as a way to send me "message” that I stop with my spiritual work.

 So, because of that, I’m concerned and frightening for my wellbeing and I use this appeal to ask your government to help me and approve me asylum in Sweden.

Wish you well,
Oliver Popović        

05. август 2011 године
На писмо су ми (негативно) одговориле Немачка и Аустралијска амбасада, док ме остале амбасаде нису ни удостојиле одговора. Да сам којим случајем Хрват или Муслиман о овоме би расправљао Савет НАТО-а, овако…

Amnesty International ми је послао одговор на писмо, уз назнаку да се у оваквим случајевима (везано за азил) не могу ангажовати.