VAMPIRES PEDOPHIL – "Gaffers with candies ” and some Aunty
Pedophilia, incest and energetic vampirism

Although are pedophilia and incest – as an anti-naturally and illegal sexual interest against children are mostly observed exactly from that – sexual aspect, noway we have to neglect the fact that it is mostly – consciously or unconsciously, oriented at energetic vampirism of the child – victim.
Pedophilia and incest contain all elements of classic energetic vampirism – seduction, terror, (sexual) violence, power establishing and control keeping over the victim.
The main and long term problem is that Energetic Vampire – pedophil with the act of violence and making trauma at the child – victim, establish energetic connection with him, whereby it is possible to make a further negative influence, even the child is not physical in presence.

Energy-pedophilia and energetic vampirism
During the history of human kind, there are noted cases that sovereigns – went in a old years, their health, vitality and long life "healed” sleeping with children or young virgins. On such a way, they are successfully extended their lives for few decades, but what consequences were for that exposed children – victims, history never noted.

Also in a present society, from time to time, there is appearance of energy-pedophilia, which can be consciously or unconsciously phenomenon.
One of ordinary energetic vampirism techniques of the children is lying or even sleeping with a person who is considerably – even about 50 years older then child, whereby often is applied position of "spoon”, where the child is positioned at intenally side.
Although both of them are dressed, nevertheless there is no sexual contact or even an idea about it would be rudely, such a type of physical closeness, automatic leads to energy sucking from child’s energetic system, into energetic system of older person.
Generally, this is not naively phenomenon because child’s energetic system is still extremely sensible, so a little bit stronger loss of own energy can provoke seriously disturbances and diseases.

Diversities between pedophilia and incest, and energy-pedophilia
It seems that there are particular diversities between pedophilia and incest from one aspect and energy-pedophilia from the other aspect:

-> Unlike pedophilia, which victims are mainly the children of opposite gender, at energy-pedophilia, victim is mainly a child of the same gender, just as an adult person.

-> At pedophilia and incest there can be used seduction or violence, however, at energy-pedophilia there is exclusively seduction used.

->According to statistics, men are more tend to pedophilia and incest, while propensity to energy-pedophilia – due to bigger energetic sensitivity dependence, is probably more at the women’s side.

From description of these several types of Unconsciously Energetic Vampires, comes that for every vampire the most important thing is to "penetrate” and "remove” your Aura’s membrane, which represents strong energetic protection. Just as the membrane of the egg protects the content inside the egg, it is the same with Aura’s membrane which protects your energetic system of loss and leakage of your energy. Aura’s membrane is conduct by Ego, so its "breaking”, "removing” and "opening”, represent necessary condition for energetic vampirism, so every vampire has own strategy and techniques which he uses thereat.

It is not unnecessary to mention one more time the insufficiently known fact that psychological reactions represent conscious expression of unconsci-ously energetic processes which always happens among the people. Because of general consciousness development low level of human kind, we are not able to perceive own and energies of the people we make contact, so we experience it at accessibly level to us – as a psychological reactions of Ego.

As a successfully defence of Unconsciously Energetic Vampires, there is very effective advise in a book "Celestic prediction” of James Redfield. When you feel and recognize that some person use some of the techniques of psychological manipulations to establish the power over you and suck your living energy, you have to openly confront with that. Tell him (or her): "Are you trying to make me scared?”, "Are you trying to establish power over me?” or whatever else what you experience as an attack and menace of your integrity.
Such a openly confrontation, fundamentally breakes a net of psychological manipulations which vampire uses for his power establishing over you.

Phone disturbance
Phone disturbance, which Energetic Vampires often use, noway isn’t naively so it can in considerably quantity harm you aura’s membrane. Then, don’t answer on phone calls without number identification, but additional problem is that if disturbance comes from the number with an identification, police don’t respond even in such a cases, except in cases when you received open death menace what Energetic Vampires never does.

Therefore, register that disturbance to your phone operator who will send him an information about tracking of his calls along with warning about elimination of his number from the net if the call be made once more. If his call comes from other operator’s net, that demand will be forwarded there.
Inasmuch all this have no effect due to operator’s impossibility, as much as you feel uncomfortable, from time to time you call him, whereby eliminating your identification. When you get connection, don’t talk anything, don’t hate him and don’t "send mental orders” to stop with disturbance, but confront him with one of his techniques – silence.
Never let yourself that this self defending "disturbance” lasts longer then 5-6 seconds per call and don’t disturb him more than he disturb you, although you’ll probably feel a need for to do that.

Physically disturbance
Physically disturbance is much dangerous, because by direct physically contact, due to your aura’s interleaving, energetic vampirism is easier to realize. This is very dangerously especially when Hunters are activated, whose with their rate can cause you seriously energetic damage on aura.
Additional problem is that you have no "physically evidence” that disturbance is generally happens – Hunters almost never directly impend to you, but there are always ambiguously notes and comments, many times they seems kindly, but many times they just be – silent.

What indeed happens on energetic level, entirely is opposite according to their doubly outside – whereby they project energy of their hate against you, but since there is a larger number of persons who do it daily, with that they seriously hurt your aura’s membrane, at the same time grabbing your living energy. With every new arrival, they fill with your energy and become "stronger”, while your healthy condition is getting worst.

Effective defence of this attacks represent their photography. Use your mobile phone or some of cheaper cameras and you are going to be surprised how much is this self-defence technique successfully. Their photography by you will disturb them and make it to roughly reaction because of that, for what they don’t have any basis because the regular law itself doesn’t prohibit it. Persist in your right to be occupied with esthetic photography of citizens which you contact, and if it is uncomfortable for them, let them avoid you and your camera.


Consciously Energetic Vampires represent persons who are entirely familiar with energetic vampirism process whereby they use exactly marked techn+ques for that, while their training is realizing under the supervision of the group "instructor” where they belongs to.

Unlike Unconsciously Energetic Vampires, whose effects can be partially, Consciously Energetic Vampires due to understanding of whole process and due to energetic vampirism techniques knowledge – which are generally based on capability of "imaging” of all five senses, realize almost a 100% success.
The person choosen for a victim simply doesn’t succeed to understand and explaining what happens to him and what is he exposed to. That person is aware just of huge pain and some evil force, which "makes pressure” and destroys his soul, whereby sucking living energy. If the victim try to explain and ask for friends’ help, he will be received with disbelief and poorly covered suspicious in his mental health, which leaves victim alone and left to dis-grace of vampires.

Many Consciously Energetic Vampires have no mercy against the victim, but they destroy his energetic system so much that they often make him to madness or to suicide. The suicide nohow is happening by accident, because with a suicide of the victim, Consciously Energetic Vampire strips all victim’s energy, instead of just one small part if the victim stay alive but "damaged”.

There are two basic types of Consciously Energetic Vampires as follows:
– Psycho-kinetic Vampires and
– Astral Vampires

Basis of every Psycho-kinetic Vampire, represent Personal Power of Ego. Every time it increase energetic potential of its Personal Power, the bigger is its psycho-kinetic power.
Psychochinesis we could describe as a "capability of some person to "collect” his living energy and on thoughtful way direct against particular person, object or idea, so he on such a way realize some change and "work” over them”.

Uri Geler use this power for spoon deflection, while to Psycho-kinetic Vampire it serves, to on simple and effective way smash victim’s Aura’s Membrane. Unlike psychological manipulations of Unconsciously Energetic Vampires, this is faster and "cleaner” way of energetic vampirism, which power is increasing with every new appropriation of victim’s energy.
In time, Psycho-kinetic Vampire becomes some kind of "energetic black hole ", which its presence taking away other’s people energy.
For this type of energetic vampirism, it is of conclusively importance a physical presence and visual contact with a victim, what is known among the people as "the evil eyes ".

This type of vampires own influence realizes over the projection of his consciousness outside of physical body at Etheric level of physical plan or at Astral plan.

Etheric attack realizes during you are awake and especially during soporific process – when aren’t yet neither "on the sky or at the earth ", which allows to Astral Vampire easier action.
Inasmuch it happens, that you feel, during your ordinary daily activities (sensitive persons can make it), that some etheric attack on your energetic system is in progress, immediately do meditation for aura strenghtening (or a prayer for protection within your religion) and ask you spiritual guides (if you established contact with them) for energetic protection.

Inasmuch Etheric attack happens during soporific process, when you feel first attack indications, necessarlly wake up yourself, because with that act you’ll break his negative influence and then do a mediation or protection prayer, just as in previous case.

Astral attack happens during sleep, on Astral plan, when your are also by complete consciousness. Therefore, in this case of danger, risks related with you are much fewer, because you have no other exit, you’ll simply "escape” into your physical body and wake up, which automatic breakes negative influence of Astral Vampire’s attack.

When we talk about Etheric attack, except meditation for protection during you’re awake and momentarily awaking during soporific process, there is a procedure which can, for a long time, considerably increase your energy flow in aura, whereby – in particular quantity, comes to prevention of "hanging” of Astral Vampire for you aura and energetic points.

Two easiest points for hanging and impact into your energetic system are – Solar energetic point and Evolucionally Consciousness of the Soul.
Position of solar energetic point is already well known – it is located at the bottom of sternum, while Evolucionally Consciousness of the Soul is located between heart’s and throat energetic point – maybe a little bit close to heart’s.

When you go to sleep, lie down on your back and put the pillow that your head, neck and shoulders are located a little bit higher according to the body, and then put your left palm at Evolucionally Consciousness of the Soul, and your right palm on Solar energetic point.
Don’t torturing yourself to find a 100% right place where it located, because it have no influence on effectiveness of the procedure – don’t force yourself and your energetic system will place alone your palms, exactly where it has to be.

And that’s all.

This procedure isn’t "technique”, so there is no need for any mental effort or combining with techniques which you applied earlier, because any Ego-interference would just obstruct and make it weakly natural flow of your being’s energy.

Many persons hardly accept the fact that something can be effective, whereby they alone "do nothing”. Also, they hardly accept possibility that except their Ego, there is Consciousness or Intelligence exist, which is more clever than themselves ("Do you know who I am?!) or which is – in immeasurebly quantity, more directed on Good than they are.
It exist and it is the Soul.

With this procedure – although it seems to simply, you allow exchange and self-healing within own energetic system and gradually making stronger connection with your Soul.

Due to different energetic polarity between man and woman and between right-handed and left-handed persons, put your palms as follows:

- men: left palm on Evolucionally Consciousness of the Soul, right palm on solar energetic point, but if you left-handed do it contrary of mentioned.

- women: left palm on solar energetic power, right palm on Evolucionally Consciousness of the Soul, but if you left-handed do it contrary of mentioned.

Once more, let’s mention that this is not neither "exercises” or "technique” – so you can’t do it wrong.

If one or both of palms – "unprompted”, take different disposition or move at some other energetic point or part of the body, leave them because your intuition knows better where healing is necessary.
During soporific process don’t push yourself on "rigidity”, thinking it is necessary for good energy flow, because it is wrong – freely change position of your body, just as you usually do.
Don’t thing that if you’ll stay awake longer – keeping your palms on energetic points, that the success will be quicker, because it wont.

Don’t push yourself on anything – because it is an expression of your Ego.
The Soul doesn’t tolerate any force.

For those who is more familiar with usage of visualization technique, more sources from Internet advise imaging of "aura’s bell” or "aura’s egg” in particular, mainly white color. Also, there is recommending imaging of "feeler” cutting with which the are hanging for aura and suck positive energy.
Unfortunately, basic deficiency of these techniques is that victim is not aware at all what happens to him, and many times victim is in such a psychic condition that iti is impossible for him to make any serious mental effort and concentration which such a projection of defensive visualizations demands.

Otherwise, Conscious Energetic Vampires usually don’t attack a person which possess natural strong or by the exercise enhanced defence but find a victim whose aura is very easy to smash and whose resistance will be inconsiderably.

Inasmuch you’re alone a victim of Conscious Energetic Vampires, in particu-lar quantity you can help yourself with understanding and accepting the fact that what happens to you isn’t a product of your imagined hallucinations or beginning of some mental disease, but real energetic attack directed on you with attention to hurt, you and usurp a part of your living energy.

* * *

List of Energetic Vampires shown here isn’t final, but they are due to easier understanding described as a clean persons, while in the "reality” it is rarely to meet. Every Vampire has own type of energetic vampirism, but he also combining other types so often. This especially relates on Psycho-kinetic Vampire, whose united usage of psychological manipulations and psycho-kinetic power, often leads to seriously diseases and deathly results at the victim.

Unfortunately, beside we already entered in 21. century, every conversation about energetic vampirism and similar topics is experienced by the majority of the people with slightly disbelief, and the person – regardless to the level of his education, marked as a superstitious.
So beside that, in last about 15 years there are more and more sensitive men and spiritual healers in a world whose are occupied with problem of energetic vampirism, and there is also more and more doctors ( M.D. Judith Orloff, Dr. Bruce Goldber…) who had enough courage to dedicate their careers to this phenomenon explanation.

At the end let’s mention that it is very hard to penetrate into motives and impulses which force Energetic Vampires on their action. The possible explanation maybe represents connection interrupt with Soul’s energies, followed by primal goal of every Ego – need for Power, Eternal Youth and Immortality.

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