Jealousy is a frequent emotion.


We are envious according to other about better look, better business, more quality car, bigger knowledge, summer holidays in Greece and everything what we don’t have or what we can’t afford to ourselves. We consider that as a God’s punishment, destiny caprice, malice of society. We are feeling hurt and angry. It was given to us to see, but not to touch and taste. Every time when we see object of our jealousy, the pain we feel becomes stronger and at the some way we are feeling deceitful and degraded and moreover, we have a feeling that "they” designedly do it to us, to enjoy in our limitation.

It’s not fair.

From fair pain – which we direct to all and nobody, anger is appearing, anger which immediately become to hate. Hate can be bigger or smaller, better or weaker suppressed, but it is here. Inside us. Supported by daily jealousy, it grows quickly, getting wide, so it fills very quickly the space of our whole personality. It fruits are bitter, and there is no shade, but who cares now for that, from innumerability grown, we’ll choose the most gnarled bough for a stick with which we are going to make a justice.
We want revenge.

We’ll find someone who is – but mostly, someone who is not guilty for that and we’ll vent anger of our revenge. With that we shouldn’t be more beautiful, we shouldn’t have a better job, more quality car, more knowledge, summer holidays in Greece, but leastwise, we’ll revenge to someone, because we don’t have nothing of that. Let him to feel pain our lives’ emptiness, our lives which differ according to way we want to be.
Let him suffer.

Jealousy, Hate and Revenge represent other kind of emotions, which Ego mostly uses.

Nature of Jealousy can be doublesided.

Sometimes, jealousy can be positive
Always when you like something that somebody has and what you want to be your, you are feeling limited and because of that you experience weaker or stronger pain. Maybe it is about piece of clothing, social status, marriage status, Technical device, educational level…or whatever else what makes you jealousy. However, you make decision to make a serious effort and to in a few following days, months or years – if the goal is bigger, realize or possess object of your jealousy. Although the choice and the way which leads to it aren’t easy, with many abdication and effort, you still succeeded to realize imagined goal, whereby your sense of jealousy disappearing, and it is replaced by joy and pleasure because of reached success.

Many times, jealousy is negative
When we talk about jealousy in negative sense, than it is always "trio” – Jealousy, Hate, Revenge.

Jealousy represent emotions of limitation, which transforms so fast into Hate. Hate is an emotion which is directed against particular person (or persons) with clear intention to cause an evil. The thing which is the most obviously is a huge energetic charge which is included inside and which leads that person filled by hate, become possessed with the person he hates, whereby internal peace is entirely lost.
By the time, Hate accumulates more and more, gradually grows, gets stronger and so much "condenses”, that it gets own material expression – Revenge.

Revenge represent physical action wherewith to a victim is destroying cause of jealousy or make a harm on any other way, which leads that victim suffers. Thereby, jealousy person succeed to transform own pain – which depends of Jealousy and Hate which he feels, into Revenge, and on that extremely simple way puts in on a victim.

Therefore, Revenge to jealousy person represent the only known way whereby he succeed to make released of pain, which he created alone and on that way to back internal peace.


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