More power you got, fewer freedom other have

Conflicts among people represent maybe the principal mark of our civilization – ancient, just like modern. Daily relations, regardless it is personal or at the nation level, always within it carry seeds of future conflict and many times remind on involuntarily signed temporary peace, which both side use to discover weaknesses and deficiencies of the enemy.
Incredibly quantity of negative energy and aggression which our kind daily makes, brought to such a situation that those blue-green life clod, become generator of pain and hate in the Universe in whose tour guides probably described as follows:

Kind: Homo sapiens

Rate: 6.500.000.000 with tendency of continually increase

Reproduction: Male exhibits concern for a female and grant her small parts of yellow metal, which she attach on her body. It seems that this represent the way of this kind’s reproduction because 9 months later, female reproduce naked cub. Since that moment, she changes her behaviour and become protective disposed toward cub, and aggressive toward male ("Put out that cigarette, otherwise, I’ll put out it on your forehead "!).

Beliefs: Simply incredibly, but they consider that they are alone living beings in a whole Universe?!

Interpersona lrelations: Firstly, they shake hands and embrace each other, than they kill each other, so they shake hands and embrace each other again, and over again from cycle to cycle.

Daily activities: Unlike other species with whom they share the planet and who are mostly occupied by gathering of eatable fruits (acorns, hazelnuts, walnuts…), the gather and heap fruits that least of all serve them for nutrition, but many times it doesn’t serve to anything. Although female foregoing in this activity, male also shows enviable enthusiasm.
When they estimate that they gathered sufficient number of unique and valued fruits, than they call into their shelter other pair of collectors, so they, by virtue of their reaction, estimate what is the valuation of their collection.

Economy and labour: They endeavour to be, during a day, as much as possible, few actively operating.

Spiritual development level: Low

Technological development level: A little bit higher.

Advice: In case of defect and forced landing, use next procedure:
- immediately turn on wireless beacon for automatic guiding of cosmic help assistance service

- because of possibility of kidnapping and danger of medical experiments, avoid any contact with subjects of the species

- in a case of suddenly meeting with them, make piping sounds, make grimaces and simulate that you want to kidnap them and take them into the aircraft. Respecting that they are as a species filled with a huge number of irrationally fears, such a vase clowning by your side in most cases is enough to make them frighten and to make them escape.

- however, if they capture you, require to see a leader of that species on the planet and tell him that you are ambassador of powerful Galactic Federation, which can at a snap to destroy their whole civilization.

- respecting that they are very aggressive as a species, necessarlly offer them military-technical cooperation and as a evidence of good will, give them your solar hair dryer, claiming that it is deathly torsion-scalar unintegrator, which can at a snap to destroy all their enemies. Explain them that it is activated automatic with suddenly discharging of quantum flux (!), which appears during rising out of your aircraft (and with you inside it) from gravity field of their planet

- at the end, not at all permit them to discover that you are just an ordinary student and that your examination has title "Customs and beliefs of primitive nations of Galaxy ".


Put this joke aside, but it is almost incredibly how we succeeded, beside huge quantity of human hate and stupidity, to survive and subsist as a species. It seems that the main producer of that madness is Ego, that its basic goal is Power and cause of struggle for power is personal energy increasing, what, again, makes closed cycle.

Although Ego has a huge number of goals, there is one goal which appears over and over again in inumerability forms, and that is – a power. We could describe power as a "probability of one or more persons to direct, restrict and control thinking, behaviour, movement and the way of living of some other person or group of people” .

In Egoland, the power represent a base on which is established all interpersonal relations, so it is the most important "social product ", which can be replaced by neither money, reputation and glory. It is completely of the same nature just like at your spouse, parent, general, office worker, businessman, mafia don, chief, politician, policeman or controller in public transport. The thing which makes different at all of them is the way it realizing, control level which is achieve and number of persons above whom is power established.

One of the main attributes of Ego – and also a source of many problems is the fact that its energetic charge isn’t stable, but very changeable. Changeability and power of energetic charge depends

of many factors, and as a reflection of their quality it is usually taken position of that person at the pyramid of social power.

Although the life in Egoland is based at the struggle for power basic principle, every person feels natural need – principally at unconsciously level, to increase as much as possible own Personal Power.
Although it is very hard exactly describe what it represent, we can tell that "Personal Power represent energetic charge of some person, which can be mindly directed toward other person, with a goal of realizing some psychological influence”.

Although it can be followed by verbal and physical behaviour elements, real essence of Personal Power consists of invisible, namely, energetic influence at other person, and just partly it can be described with terms such are: "power of the will ", "charisma” or similar.

Unverbal communication and Personal Power
Surely, you leastwise one in your life meet the person in whose presence you felt increased fear and uncertainty, and neither you and that person didn’t exchange a word between you. This fear is completely natural in it appears as a reaction on consciously or unconsciously projection of that person’s Personal Power, mostly directed at establishing of own domination over you.

In Egoland – like this which it is now, sincere and open people are uncredibly rare to meet, and mostly of us firstly have some kinds of thoughts, secondly speak something other, but thirdly works something completely different, so that’s the reason why spoken words and real internal message are completely different – just remember those famous sweet sentence directed to your spouse which whom you are among some company: "…OK, Honey, we are going to make a deal when we arrive home ".

Beside that, with examinations installed in more repeated and controlled experiments, psychologist are also surprised with a discover that in a conversation between two persons, speech, namely, that what is spoken, take a part with just of 7% , everything else – corporal attitude, motions, timbre, emotions,…makes residual 93%, which, in fact, carry real, internal message.

Therefore in communication among people, words mostly have minor role, conclusively is an intention which is standing behind those words, and whit which Ego – via Personal Power, projecting on you.

Verbal Programming and Personal Power
Verbal Programming represent embedding and imposition of specific thought or idea toward your Ego.

Inasmuch somebody openly and sincerely speak with you, on that way he establish connection with Soul Developing Consciousness.

If otherwise, during conversation, somebody is insincere, artful, ambiguous, he on that way inducing your Ego for action.

Basic idea which move for action Thoughtful Ego, is the thought – "Find a solution” (or "discover the secret”). Thoughtful Ego always "find solutions” and when he make success in one case, it immediately replace itself at next challenge and over and over again… and so on to the infinity.

Emotional Ego interpret from personal aspect everything what is getting in touch with it – "is it relate to me "? (or "you love me or not "?)

Life Ego interpret from personal aspect every actions directed toward it as a danger for its survival.

If somebody try to impose you with a Verbal Programming – for instance, complex of lower value, then the story can go in direction like: (we are going to give simplest example) - "Some people are really ugly…”, what is followed by unverbal speech: "notable” look, dispraged smile, with a projection of own intention with a Personal Power – "Yes, I’m meaning exactly on you "…, which all together automatic activate your Ego:
Thoughtful Ego: "What he tried to say with” – "Some people are…"?
Emotional Ego: "Is it relate on me”?
Life Ego"Am I in danger with his statement "?

Next what will happen is that Thoughtful, Emotional and Life Ego will during next days, over and over, move round that words in your consciousness, don’t understanding that on such a way they just speeding-up and help own negative programming.

When you notice that somebody try to programming you at normal way, you must make that program awake as much as possible.
Inasmuch – because of many reasons, you can’t do it in a presence of that person – ("Do you try to set me…”), then, with a first occasion when you left alone, define what is the sense of the program and say it loud, just like that person is in your presence: "You are trying to set me…” and be free to comment him… hm, with vernacular.

On this way, you just succeeded to awake verbal program and stopped its further "implantation” into your Ego’s structure.
It is essentially that this words you speak loud (not to clamor), because through your mind daily pass more thousand thoughts and ideas, from which just a few stop at the moment and then disappear. However, when you say some thought or idea loudly, on that way you make it visible and touchable for your consciousness.

Although this Verbal Programming technique is unconsciously used by the flat people masses, it seems that specific propensity toward its use have those member of some structures whose at late ’70s – within specific military programs, were trained with it.

Hate and Personal Power
Personal Power is based at strong energetic charge, however, because even it has own exceedingly growth limit, generally accepted way of further Personal Power increasing is Hate.
Because it carry inside a huge and inexhaustibly quantity of additional energy, for many persons Hate represent ideal way of Personal Power increasing. Because of that, people are very involuntarily going apart from it, even when primary reason disappear which leaded to its appearing.
With termination of Hate, person automatic make his Personal Power weaker, so parallely shows his influence and status, which is taken in family and society. Because of that, it is very important for person that finding of new object for hate, because continuing to keep high level of Personal Power on that way.

Power is increasing and keeping by using of several mechanisms:

SEDUCTION represent basic goal for which the Actor is created and it is applied on all persons with whom that person keeps in touch.
Basic intention of the Actor consist of "adoption” and presentation of himself in such a manner that person whose is object of treatment be wonders-tricken and overbeared.

DOMINATION is at the clearest way manifesting with followed "philosophical” postulate:
"I’m better than you, but if I’m not, then I’ll leastwise show you that you’re worst than me, what means that I’m better than you ".

Except directly established domination by the Personal Power, domination in daily life is expressing at innumerability ways, but here we showed just few of them.

Marriage and children as a form of domination in society
Unfortunately, as a mean for domination realization it is used that what perhaps could be release of any competition type and struggle for the power.
Many persons are just forced to get marriage, even they don’t feel internal need for that, because they still didn’t meet a person whit whom they want to spend the rest of their lives.
However, daily manifestation of supremacy and "concerned” asking their "friends and relatives” about topic why they don’t get marry, force them to make a decision for that act to establish the same level of the power with a Neighbourhood, and on that way to avoid subtile degradation and domination establishing over them.

In Egoland it is extremely important that are you married or not, so if you are – do you have a kids, and if you have – are they girls or boys, so if they are boys (which bring more points) – who have more, so…
Because of that some parents own children consider as a some kind of "product”, which allow them to degrade and make a victory over someone with whom they are in secret or opened brawl or conflict.
Inasmuch the "product” is showed as a good and helps them to make them more powerful than their enemies, then they are satisfied because they are succeeded in their intention, so if they didn’t succeed than both of them (or one of them) feel deceitfuled by the child, considering him as a some kind of load, because they start to hate him.
Sad, isn’t it?

Symbols of the power
Branded clothes, car type, summer holidays destination, people you are familiar to, perfume you use, part of the town you live and more and more "details which means life ", describe your power and help you to realize domination in a society.

Its majesty – Mobile Phone
Today, maybe one of the banal power symbol is – mobile phone. When you just meet some people and went with them for a drink or a lunch, the first thing they’ll do is that own mobile phone put on the table, impatiently waiting to see your phone, so at the base of it they immediately estimate are they more dominate and "better” than you.
Inasmuch by the nature of business you meet many new people, for a few days, instead "normal”, take some older mobile phone type and maybe you’ll surprise yourself when you note how much you’ll give unhidden pleasure to your new friends.

This represent a need for maintenance of just established power over some person and it is realized by using of specific techniques.

Inasmuch indicated techniques of power establishing and control are mostly used by Molesters whom we described in one of the previous texts and whose will be mentioned in a text about Energetic Vampires, other persons also can use something from this "arsenal” of maltreating techniques, so we indicate it at this part:

- Guilty Imposition – The Molester lead to his victim real, constructed or fictitious guilty as a maltreat cause, and maltreating is regularly realized, whereby to the victim is approved to intuit that if she suffer enough and with that "wash” her guilty, in a future the maltreating will maybe stop, what, of course, never happens..

- Degradation represent one of the most used control techniques , whereby the molester brings victim in such a situation, whereby her personal feeling of and if it happens to often, it can lead to trauma appearing.

- Intimidation serve for keeping victim in passivity, when it is making enable clearingly sucking of victim’s life energy.

- Emotional Wound is emotional injury which is just cicatrized and it is very easy to open it again. Because of that, the Molester through the conversation, using intuition and observing your reactions, searching for it. When he detect it, he makes injury, wherewith automatic gets open pass to the hoards of your life energy.

- Imposition of lower value complex is realizing with criticism and depreciation of characteristics, the way of thinking, wearing style, personal interests and all of that what is victim interested for.

- Social isolation represent once more of molester’s techniques. Beside those the most important moving, to the victim is limited physical movement out of the house, and communication with his family members, friends and colleges, is reduced at the least possible volume. This isolation is rarely realized by direct prohibition, but it is executing when molester, after his arrival at home, makes scene to the victim and betake maltreating, so the victim after such a several repeated situations, stops to be familiar with people and brings herself or himself to selfisolation.

- Financial isolation represent once more control system, because on such way the victim is completely independent of the molester. Usually, the victim is abridged for the right to independently earns for living, so all contentment victim’s basic needs for food, clothes and other accessories depends of current (bad)will of the molester .

- Lies and put-up jobs are the part of necessarly arsenal at victim control. The biggest part of every molester’s trepidation, relates to the situation that victim by accident break controls and begin to speak out. Because of that, he use every suitable situation to present his victim in common company as a person of lower moral and human qualities, whose words and actions can’t be trusted and whose mental health is not so good.

This techniques is always realized on "positive” way, namely, in front of Neighbourhood molester’s attitude according to victim is always benevolent, filled by artificially concern and care for victim’s well-being and health, so mostly people don’t understand what happens what is going on when they stay alone.

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