It is very hard to recognize a person who maltreat other persons, because he dosen’t show own actually face, but to the Neighbourhood he always attributes the Actor. The family members represent those persons who maybe could the most approximatively describe his real nature, but unfortunately, in most cases, they are at the same time his mainly victims. According to their experiences , it is possible to say that every molester have four attributes:

2. Sadism
3. Cowardliness
4. Duplicity

1. Although it is possible that he sometimes was just like other people, some negative event, disappointment or maltreating which was made on him in a childhood, youth, and even in a adulthood, represented the lever which released inside him a torrent of hate and made everything that it became his basic emotion.
Hate is an emotion with which molester describes own experience of the world and people inside it and it is reaction on pain he thereby experienced, so however, it is uncommonly that volume of tasted pain is proportionally to the hate he feels now. Although in the beginning hate represented only his pain reaction, rapidly the molester understand all advantages it offered, just like role importance that it has in a society.
Understood that love makes him vulnerable and weak, and that he will never get a benefit in a life, the molester entirely banish it from own consciousness, decidedly orientating for hate.

2. Putting aside larceny of life energy – which thereat comes, sadism for molester primarily represent emotional experience and something the most approximately to something what is called – "happiness”. Scene of the person who suffer intensive pain, makes in molester accumulation of surge Ego emotions and makes him that leastwise in that "magic” moment, somebody else be more miserable beside him. Therefore, always when the molester’s personal pleasure experience is disorganized, automatic he recourse to victim maltreating, as some kind of personal memo pad, that always exist (and will always exist) somebody who is more suffering than him.
Therefore, the molester doesn’t permit to any family member to entirely develop and express own feeling of Love and Happiness and with that to "rise” above him, but every such a attempt is quashed immediately and a person is "degraded” at the level of molester’s own pain.

3. In order to violence be completely effectively, the Molester (or Molesters) always for a victim choose a person (or persons) who is with own age, gender, strenght, physical, economic, social, marital… state completely overbeared and envioused of the molester. The difference is to the lenght of on the side of the molester, that victim doesn’t have even the smallest possibility to defend himself or to make a resistance.
With such a relation, the Molester makes up feeling of own infirmity and fear, because often among the persons who are equal to him, his Personal Power is discomfitured and is in danger many times, so ” struggle ” with a person who can’t make resistance and imperil him, back him personal power feeling and satisfaction above himself alone.

4. Duplicity represent basic skill which Molester use, because for him -literally said, it is from life importance.
Fundamentally, the Molester is schizophrenic person – inside him there are existing and alternately operating at least two, completely different persons, which he use depending of situation and instinct which instantaneously dominate over him. Outwardly watched, he is nice, honest, honorable, reliable, while inside him there is hiding and wistfully waiting to come out at the daylight one being, who is completely opposite than Actor, with whom he allure the Neighbourhood.

Every Molester in his "work” use certain number of procedures, whereby he establish power and keeps control over the victim. In this occasion we are going to provide short review of some the most used techics:

-> Guilty Imposition - The Molester lead to his victim real, constructed or fictitious guilty as a maltreat cause, and maltreating is regularly realized, whereby to the victim is approved to intuit that if he or she suffer enough and with that "wash” his or her guilty, in a future the maltreating will maybe stop, what, of course, never happens.

-> Degrading represent one of the most used control techniques, whereby the molester brings victim in such a situation, whereby her or his personal feeling of value and self-respect is violated and waded. Degrading makes Emotional Injuries and if it happens to often, it can lead to trauma appearing.

-> Intimidation serve for keeping victim in passivity, when it is making enable clearingly sucking of victim’s life energy.

-> Emotional Wound is emotional injury which is just cicatrized and it is very easy to open it again. Because of that, the Molester through the conversation, using intuition and observing your reactions, searching for it. When he detect it, he makes injury, wherewith automaticly gets open pass to the hoards of your life energy.

-> Imposition of lower value complex is realizing with criticism and depreciation of characteristics, the way of thinking, wearing style, personal interests and all of that what is victim interested for.

-> Social isolation represent once more of molester’s technique. Beside those the most important moving, to the victim is limited physically movement out of the house, and communication with his or her family members, friends and colleges, is reduced at the least possible volume. This isolation is rarely realized by direct prohibition, but it is executing when molester, after his arrival at home, makes scene to the victim and betake maltreating, so the victim after such a several repeated situations, stops to be familiar with people and brings herself or himself to self-insulation.

-> Financial isolation represent once more control system, because on such way the victim is completely independent of the molester. Usually, the victim is abridged for the right to independently earns for living, so all contentment victim’s basic needs for food, clothes and other accessories depends of current (bad)will of the molester .

-> Lies and put-up jobs are the part of necessarily arsenal at victim controlling. The biggest part of every molester’s trepidation, relates to the situation that victim accidentally break controls and begin to speak out. Because of that, he use every suitable situation to present his victim in common company as a person of lower moral and human qualities, whose words and actions can’t be trusted and whose mental health is not so good.
This technique is always realized on "positive” way, namely, in front of Neghbourhood molester+s attitude according to victim is always benevolent, filled by artificially concern and care for victim’s well-being and health, so mostly people don’t understand what happens what is going on when they stay alone.

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