The fear acts as a motivator for human beings in some cases, in other, though, it acts as a barricade. Besides it, there is one more energy which has the same impact on man, it is greed. Greed presents the person’s need to constantly increase his or hers ownership, no matter how much he or she already owns. It is necessary evil of Egoland, which represents it in one very ugly way.

Greed as the motivator sometimes plays a positive role, however unreal that might sound. Its good side presents new and prosperous inventions and products, which in physical level make human lives easier. The bad side presents those same new and prosperous products, which with the profit they provide, they increase the greed for newer and better inventions and products, that would provide with even better profit.

But, still, greed is a temporary state. To have more, more then the ones you compete against for the power, sometimes could get boring. One morning you may wake up anxious, ill-humored, with some chronic disease which exactly at that moment decided to remind you of its presence, and tired of everything you will say – "Enough”!
It is enough of competition, enough of piling of needed and not-needed, enough of courting and charming of the world, enough… well, enough of everything that is not you, but is an imposed model of society. You are done with acting and sick of the Actor, your own and other’s.

And like a miracle, throwing away the burden of the society which you had to carry along for your whole life, you already feel much better, because you finally feel like yourself again.

For the first time you start noticing kids playing hide and seek in your neighborhood, you see moms with shopping bags, teenage girls on roller blades, pensioners on benches in front of the building, and you wonder, astonished, where, in that system, is your own place?

Who are you, really?

If somebody would destroy the world’s pyramid of power, what would then happen to you? What kind of shape would your life then take? Would somebody approach you, take your hand, give you a hug? Who are you, when you are nobody?

Only then you stop being important and powerful, only when everybody forgets about you and deserts you, only then you again become yourself. For the second time in your life, you are born, and all over again you live through innocent childish souls. You can talk about whatever you want, act the way you want and no one will tell you anything, because you are not important to anyone any more. They already have enough of their own plans, goals, ideas, partners and schemes, to deal with you. They leave you to the course of time, to eat you away slowly but surely, to pull you into the whirlpool, and spit you out in some other part of this planet, in some other time, in some other family, nation, religion.

And, as your answer to that, all you have to do is to embrace that situation, as if its something good. As long as you are nobody – confused passenger without the train ticket, it’s OK.

It is a weird statement, isn’t it?
In your previous-current life, it would even make you mad. But since then, centuries had passed beside you, so that now this weird statement you consider even as a great wisdom. It’s OK.

One magic word, which changes nothing in the world, but changes everything in you. It’s OK.

Everything that shows up, comes by and sails into your life is OK. When it hurts you, it’s OK, when you are sad, unfortunate, alone, it’s OK. It’s OK even when things go the wrong way. It’s OK, because you finally stopped wrestling with your life, you stopped responding on its dirty tricks with even dirtier tricks. It’s OK, because you understood that life and you are not rivals who fight for all or nothing. It’s OK, because it became clear to you that everything that exists and lasts, will exist until you realize that its existence depends only on you. On how much you really care.

When you realize that everything is OK, even the things that look bad to others, than it is good that you stopped experiencing things as good or bad, because now, you only experience them.


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