"What is spiritual development?”

You probably had, at least once in your life, asked yourself this question, even if it didn’t even cross your mind to commit yourself to spiritual development.

"Are those, maybe, the exercises for visualization?”

"It could possibly be a meditation – whatever that word might mean?”

"And maybe that is perhaps a prayer, in any type of temple of some of religions?”

"Or those are some hard exercises, with some weird body positions?”, you may ask yourself.

It is hard, and maybe even impossible, to give a right answer to that question. Spiritual development is everything mentioned above, and much more that was not mentioned. It seams that each group, and even each person in the world, has or should have their own understanding of spiritual development, which is good, because if the same – along with Love and Truth, presents his core, than that is Freedom.

For that reason briefly we will describe the experience of spiritual development during this process, which we recognize as a Remembrance.

Remembrance is easier to explain by explaining what it is not.

Remembrance is not a "system”, not a "teaching”, not a "Final and Only Truth”. It is not exclusively the right of the privileged ones, rich ones or highly educated. You cannot buy it, nor can you force it to reveal its secrets, because it has none.

Remembrance is accessible to everyone, no matter of sex, race, nation, religion, social or cultural position in the society. No matter if you are good or bad. It is a gift and real nature of every human being and in order to find it, you do not have to cross mountains and oceans, because it is always there, inside of you.

And it prevents you from remembering, that, what is like a piece of rock in your shoe always causing the pain, it is your Ego, that old, faithful friend, that Guardian that watches over you and does not allow anyone to brake into your personal space, but at the same time the Jailer, that does not permit you to leave on your own that personal space.

Universe is endless, and you are still a prisoner in your own shell, in your little, solid, private prison. With your personal jailer.

The Way
There are many ways and sometimes they spread alone, sometimes they go side by side, and sometimes they cross and cut one another. Most often, then, the conflicts arise and fight among the passengers, about who has the right of the way, whose is better, faster, older, younger… or whatever else that could be in question.

Some ways are less passable, full of holes and not maintained, and only from time to time some tired passenger crosses it over.

Some are forgotten and completely deserted.

Sometimes the way is actually a path, something small, personal, not like those wide asphalted black lanes with plenty of informational signs, danger signs, sings for anything and all that is important for the traveler.

The path is harder, because you make it on your own. In front of you is – nothing, and behind – only the slight indication that there was someone who walked it recently. You do not know where it will take you, nor what will await you on its end, if it even has an end.

Still, you walk exhausted, hungry, beaten, barefoot, like one of many travelers who, through the network of time, customs, cultures, destinies and life, slowly but persistently, reminds himself/herself.

The Way of Ego
Many people see the spiritual development in the ways of Ego, as another – this time, spiritual goal. For that reason, it will not be unnecessary to more closely pay attention on why and how Ego experiences goals.

The main idea on the Way of Ego consists of realization of goals for the purpose of accomplishing the power, as the safe way of achieving personal happiness.

Ego is always more-or-less dissatisfied and always not happy with something, what it misses, it considers to be beyond itself – in other people, and in the world of things and appearances that surround it. That’s why it estimates who or what it misses, plans the way to attract that, and works towards its achievement. Now it has a goal.

If it succeeds in its achievement and add to itself, then its happy and that happiness could last for the rest of its life, and could also be short-lived. If it’s short-lived, in that case Ego considers that it failed to choose the right goal, or even, that the accomplished goal was too small and simple, which is the reason why it does not make it feel happy.

For that reason, now, it chooses another much bigger goal, for which it is certain that will bring it an everlasting happiness. It is understandable that the great goal demands a great effort and sacrifice, after which it has no time or strength to commit to the ones of which the accomplishment of his goal does not directly depend. Those people for who he has no time or strength, are usually the members of his own family.

Very early, from the multiple of goals, one starts to single out and Ego very fast begins to realize that all the rest of the goals – no matter how alluring, represent only the steps on which top the throne of Power sits.

For Ego, Power actually is Happiness.

On the Way of Ego it is all-present and manifests itself in all areas of life, no matter how irrelevant they might seem to you. Except for the usual ones, there it is in certain extent in that wide area of interest that we call spirituality.

Magic, hypnosis, levitation, foretelling, healing, secret societies, ufo, prophecy, religion, martial arts… and many more, represent the area in which Ego looks for and accomplishes Power, because every overpowering of any of these knowledges, skills or powers makes it better, more successful and more powerful then the rest.

Because of that, in the field of spirituality, there are seekers for power. They are present, trying this or that, just to see what will come out of it. Is there for them, at least a little bit of Power.

The Way of the Soul
Imagine that, one dark stormy night, somewhere on some auxiliary road, running away from the storm, in the mud to your ankles, you lost a chunk of gold, and after couple of sunny days, not cultivating any hopes that you will ever find it again, you still went back to look for it. Couple of days ago only a puddle of mud, now it was again a solid country road, covered by deep parallel creases impressed by vehicles.

Of course, on the first impression there is no trace of your chunk of gold, but still, like some invisible hand guides you in that direction, you stop in front of one of hardened pile of mud, not knowing yourself why. Disappointed and a bit angry at yourself, and a bit at the storm, conscious of the fact that it is of great importance to you – even though you do not know why, suddenly you become overwhelmed by emotions.

You no longer remember when was the last time that happened, but now there is nothing you can do about that, because your eyes are tearing up ever sudden dropping the tear on the ground. And suddenly, something attracts your attention, and in astonishment you lower your eyes to notice how in the bunch of that simple, dried out mud, cleaved are cracks that reveal the glow of your gold.

Slowly, you bend down, tenderly you clean out with your hands the mud and carefully – like it is made out of glass, you take it and raise it towards the light of that sunny day like you are showing it off to the whole world, feeling how its warmth gradually transmits into your palm. With concern – like you are its mother, you rotate it and look from all its sides, looking for something that is not supposed to be there – some deformity or the piece of mud on it, perhaps.

No, you can be completely calm, not eternity, let alone the days it spent trapped in the mud, could do it any harm. It is still the same, like it was before many millions of years when it was sent to the world to announce the news, that no matter where, in its life, it gets thrown away or forgotten, no matter how much time passes before you again remember it exists, it will still wait for you completely the same – originally pure and unchanged.

The Way of the Soul is different of the Way of Ego

On the Way of the Soul there are no victories or failures, conflicts and arguments, prizes and punishments, better or worst, honest or dishonest, succesfull or unsuccesfull, stronger and weaker, winners or losers…

On the Way of the Soul you will not be more powerful, richer, sexualy more attractive, smarter, prettier… actually, even if you before that were some of that, on the Way of the Soul it will become completely trivial and it will scatter to infinity.

On the Way of the Soul there are no goals, not even the goal for Enlightenment.

Since it has no goals, therefore it has no prizes.

"No goals, no prizes, then why bother?” – you might ask yourself.

Because, through previous and this lasting life you already reminded yourself of you and your Soul, that everything else became unimportant.

"Ok, but am I really not getting anything with this spiritual development, at least something, something small” – again you might ask.

No, you get nothing, further, you loose everything that you had.

It is enough through meditation to let everything that is not you falls off you, which means, everything that you at this moment are.

Technically, this process takes in account gradual cleansing of Thoughtful, Emotional and Living Body from Thoughtful, Emotional and Living Ego, after which finally undisturbed you can, on Physical Plan express your real – spiritual nature, and that way make it "pure” and long-lasting in this, and all the other dimensions of consciences in which you exist.

Basically, Remembrance as a Way of the Soul is not based on Belief, nor on Knowledge, rather it is the condition of consciousness of Personal Experience of spiritual energies of universe.

Surely, many of you asked yourselves what is necessarily to do, to make a step from a Way of Ego against a Way of Soul, so it is necessary to say that transition is a natural process which float during many lives.

As human being blessed with a Free Will, you shall get experience life like a candy shop full of sweet and tasteful goals, whereby every of them is unique: it can be Knowledge, Fortune, Glory…and you will get it just as much you – namely your Ego, in one’s sleeve have desires and instincts you want to try, experience and realize. From plenty of goals, there will always be one of them who will contrive sweeter and more tasteful from the others, so in a further lives you will be directed on it.
When you find again in a candy shop, once, you are going to think: "Soever, this cake is so bothered to me, because I taste it many times before”, – and at the same time you think it, it will disappear from your life, so you will have one cake fewer.

Process of exploring-tasting-saturation-rejecting of the goals, one by one, will continue through innumerability of lives, so far as finally you find yourself in the candy shop with no cakes. Then, all goals which attract and move pople – as they used to do for you, are loosing all of importance, well, you will consider your life senselessly.
And then, someone will – mainly your Soul, whisper to you that senselessly is good.

At that time, you step on the Way of Soul.


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