Who am I?

Montenegrin? Iraqi? Croat? Israeli? Albanian? Greek? Palestinian? American? Serb? Hindoo? French? Nigerian? Russian? Bosnian Moslem? Chinese? Swiss?…
I don’t know the answer.

From innumerability nations worldwide, I feel neither as mine.

Painfully I understood that these, among I was born and with whom I live, aren’t always a good people. Many times they are evil, jealousy, filled by hate, cunning, lies, need to degrade someone and hurt him.
I can’t recognize me among them. It is not my tribe.

I keep on seeking, estimating, comparing and when it seems that I found something "mine”, I am dissatisfied. Also the others are often evil, jealousy, filled by hate, cunning, lies, need to degrade someone and make a pain. Maybe on some different, for them unique way, but that difference is insigni-ficantly.
I can’t understand me among them. It is not my tribe.

Every tribe exert to make them better, to overbear, to win, to degrade and establish the power above other tribes. Thereat, they use cunning, lies, setting up, force. Just a victory is valuable, The Power is replacement for the Truth. In that beehive of human destinies, the intolerance and hate is riseing. All personal, slightly hates are mutually attracted, until they grow to bigger evil, into Black Cloud which floats worldwide. Sometimes other, sometimes us, with our hate as a song, calling it and pray to teem on us. And all evil, collected worldwide from the other people, other nations, other destinies, increased for this our’s, we make it alive together with our enemies.

You go for war because of love, because of good will to protect imperilled and powerless of your tribe.
You go to war, to make war stopped.

The same thing moves the other tribe.

When the conflict is finished and power swords are going to be quiet, between beaten and the winner there is more little difference than it seems. Many times victory can hurt, just as a defeat. For beaten nothing is ultimately decided, but only delayed.
Until next revenge.

When war trumpets become silent, just then your injuries will start to make a pain.
Now, that aren’t injuries caused by fear, sadness for dead friends and people, injuries caused by boots worn for months or years. Now, hate hurts you, as much as evil and insensibility of your tribe involved behind TV.

Their selfishness, greed and malicious joy hurts you.

Their artificially kindness and artificially pacific hurts you.

Those, who were escape and whose homes and memories you defended, hate you and cause you harm. That hurts you. New houses and new memories they found here, so you incommode them, and now they think that you are unworthy to live with them in Serbia.

It hurts you when they, whom you saved lives, hate you and retaliate to you because of that. In case you didn’t come, in case you didn’t defend them, maybe they would feel better there then it is here, at this moment. Maybe nobody wouldn’t touch them. Maybe.

Everything evil in your life is caused by your tribe, instead the enemy. Intentionally. It hurts you.

It hurts you when your understand that you met the most honorable and the most honest people at the battle-field instead in civilian life. They believed that their tribe also have equal right to living – as well as it have others tribes, and that belief they are defended with their biggest treasure. Their lives.

Its gone now. You are living among strangers who are seeking for a fresh blood, surrounded by hate and falsness. New hunt.

Be aware!
Maybe you belong to opposite sex, race, nation, religion, political, philosophic, sexual, sport, music…orientation. Maybe your only guilt is that you think on your, unique way. To differ of the mass is abusively and provocative: "Do you want to tell that you are better then us?! Well, you aren’t. You are worst!” – they will tell you. It is natural that the good ones (such a God created them) will try to reeducate you, to explain you and educate you with real values – real race, real nation… and everything other they consider right and correct. Or at least to punish you, if you don’t want to change yourself.

It is not my tribe.

So, where is my tribe, why they are hiding of me?

"Free man has no tribe, it is the matter of the Ego. When you separate yourself from Ego and entirely Remember you, your need for your tribe will disappear. Now, you are in process – you are separated of your tribe, but you didn’t remember yourself as a whole, yet. Hence, your pain derives.
Follow the Way. Experience your Love, Truth, Freedom. Don’t be afraid because you are never alone and you are never abandoned. You belong to everyone. You are the Man of the Earth.”

Planet of Earth, the galaxy of Milky Way , at the edge of the Universe. Look in.


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