"Children of the Earth

Once upon a long time ago, when time still meaned nothing, I came in this part of the Universe because of you. From consciousness which makes me what I am, one part of mine I made visible. That part of my being, you called as planet of Earth. It is your home. And like nowhere and like never before in the Universe, I made beautiful grass-lands on it, native fields, mountain rivers, seas, desert oasis…


I made a garden.

Just as for you, it is home for all animals which inhabit it. Respect them, because they are my children, just like all of you. As you know, in many cases that is not a Paradise Garden. Overflows, tornados, earthquakes, conflagrations, poisoned plants and dangerous wild animals take a tribute also in your lives. Maybe, someones of you are going to say that is my fault.

Oh, children of mine, I’m so sad because of that, could mother injure to her children?!

At this consciousness progress level you are learning important lessons: that everything what exist on this world has its good and bad side. Just like in the nature, in this way it is also in all of you. The whole your life represents an incessantly doctrine of innumerability lessons, when you over, and over, and over learning, until the Good doesn’t remain in you.

I know that the most part of you don’t remember me, you don’t know that I exist and keep awake, but now I remember every human being which ever walked through my garden, from your ancestors a many millions years ago, up to all of you. I remember a name of all of you, I remember your every tear, every smile, every stolen kiss, every defeat or success of you.
So, how could mother lose the remembrance of her children?

I know that you don’t remember me. Veils of darkness still covers your consciousness and doesn’t permit you to experience entirely reality. Therefore, you make mistakes. Many times you hurt yourselves, so you many times hurt me. You reckleasly cutting secular forests,insistently polluting clear rivers, avariciously digging into my chest, taking out from there hidden treasures.
By the way, you exterminate animals to which I – just like all of you, gave home and asylum.

I know that you are feeling hard, also – you are living in oblivion so hence your pain origins. You don’t know who you are, what you are, why you came here, where you go and after all, why you exist. That oblivion you are trying to replace with feverish life, competition, acquisition…Until when? Whit whom? Why?

Oh, children of mine, I’m so sad because of you. Just like every mother, I feel yours pain and many time I want to heal it, to make it disappear forever, but I must not, I really must not, because I know that the way you have to pass must be like that. Drenched with tears.

Some of you are prepare to leave me. Just like as grown kid called with the call of horizon leaves his home, in this way you are preparing to shove off into depth of the Universe.
I wish you farewell, my kids, follow your hearts, explore life throughout of the Universe and salute my brothers and sisters, on which you disembark. So, if sadness and pain for me engross you somewhere in depth of the Universe, solicitude that can’t you find me again, don’t be afraid because my love will guide you to me.
How could children forget their mother?!

Oh, children, how happy could I be if you could, at least for a while, to see yourselves at the way I see you, when leastway you could see all your perfectness, all your beauty, all generosity of you. Maybe someone of you will say that I’m subjective and that from the reason that you are my children I see only good, but not and yours bad sides. I don’t know, maybe they’re right, despite I connecting the Universe with consciousness, possess knowledges and many other gifts, after all, I’m still one ordinary mother, who loves her children endlessly.”


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