What is your connection with life, you have probably asked yourself ever.

It’s a Soul.

The Soul makes that door between the worlds are open slightly making possible to you to encroach in this one where are you living at this moment. It’s a nice gift and you have to respect it. With respect of own life – gift, it will follow respect of someone’s life-gift. It is not an egoism, but higher level of living light cognition and its deeper importance. The most of us approach to the life as something what must be realized because we are where we are – in it.

Higher cognition of life is different. Inside it you feel fine connection with other people and lives and you are trying to unravel all complex threads, and to make again more harmoniously and more beautiful life’s tapestry of those threads. You understand life as a series of rises and falls whereby you are in progress more and more and no one fall will never make you to stay where you dropped, but on the contrary, it will give you an impulse and power for more decidedly continuation of your rise.

In such a case, the role of the Soul is irreplaceable.
Your parents gave you a physical body, but the Soul is the source of your whole life. When everybody betray you, hurt you, leave you, degrade you, punish you or whatever else they do to you, your Soul will still be here. You can forget on it, but the Soul won’t forget you. You are its child, whose braved gone into the, often, brutal world, to recognize again in it and called to mind of itself. You made a choice which it respects and it is grateful to you because of that.

Therefore, when you are alone or when you are feeling alone – although in a crowd of people, remember that connection between you and your Soul still exists, how much as it is slightly. Its bigger permability you’ll realize by accepting of its existing and relinquishment of your Soul’s leadership.
So many strenght and cognition is needed for such a simple act.
What are you going to do without Ego? Who will protect you? Who will care about you? Wherefrom will you live?

Innumerability of questions will overflow your mind, but the only answer you got is: "Abandon yourself”. Abandon to the hug of your Soul with trust and accepting of the life in whatever form it appear. Accepting pacifies you with a whole world, all people and with your own. With it you allow that whisper of your Soul becomes strong enough and understandable for you.

So in it is so many Beauty, Love, Truth, Freedom, Justice and everything else what are you looking for, that the least, even the weakest contact with it, introduces terrific joy into your life.
It is not a joy of saloon’s festivity and ecstasy of Ego, but silent, blushly, and at the first sight unperceivably joy, when is enough just one little smile to make it full smiled. In that joy there is no glamour and importunacy, but often there is so many tears which are sometimes perted because of us, sometimes because of some others, but sometimes because of all the others. Well, there is no pain, anger, conviction, hate, revenge, but that tears are expression of your new, awoken and expanded sensibility which rises with leadership of the Soul.

But your Soul you experience as a lighthouse which shows you the way in a deep, dark, stormy night:

"I am here” – it talks to you, "I am standing because of you at the rock in the middle of the see, waiting for you,

I am here, I am standing because of you dispersing the fog fallen in front of your ship,

I am here, I am standing because of you with my light to help you to avoid rocks in the see at the stormy night,

I am here, I am standing because of you with my light to help you to guide your ship to the port,

I am here, I am standing because of you at the strong rock in the middle of the see,

I am here, I am standing because of you.”


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