We will talk again about Love, love with a big letter "L”.

Love is the basic material of the Universe. Yes, you have read correctly, material, because even it’s invisible, it is prima materia – the base for all other energies and materials in the universe. Before love there is nothing existed, but from the love issue everything what exist – either visible and invisible. It’s a gravitation, and light, and stone, and grass … and everything else what you can remember. But the most important thing – for you at least is cognition that Love are also you. You are made of it, although that state can sounds ridiculously even rudely to you.

Such you are now, you are the pure Love.

"But I don’t feel like a Love” – you’ll say, "I’m feeling as a Peter Peterson, I’m a salesman, I’m married – father of three children, I’m reading "Kurir” and I’m supporter of F.C. "Red Star”. I have used car, two-roomed flat and the loan which I’m paying back. I’m not so popular at my working place, in the neighbourhood – maybe yes, maybe no, and my wife asks herself where she left her intelligence when he accepted to marry me. Love, me? Are you sure you didn’t replaced me with someone”?

Mr Peter Peterson isn’t alone in such a thinking, yet, mostly of us could subscribe his previous words, isn’t it?
So, did we make a mistake and estimated you wrong?
What prevents you to recognize yourself as a Love?
Did you ever thought about that?

Although you experience yourself as an Ego, even it isn’t only Ego, but it consists of more "peaces” – Thoughtful Ego, Emotional Ego and Living Ego. Therefor, in every occasion there is at least three of you (and if you at least a little bit aware of you – then four). Of course, you aren’t aware of this trinity and if somebody just mention it to you, you’ll be angry: "Do you want to say that I’m crazy, don’t you”? – you’ll ask him with anger.

Please be careful because your Emotional Ego is feeling imperilled, so in cooperation with Thoughtful and Living Ego – all three together, you are able to make someone’s life very complicate. As a trinity – which thinks it is a whole, they are useful, but at the same time they are also badly. Useful because they take care about your safety and survival, and badly because they almost don’t know do to nothing else. To be under their control and care – if we observe it at long terms, bring you more damages than benefits.

However, where is here the role of Love at all?!

Love starts there, where Ego ends. Both of them are in a relation as a thesis and antithesis – where one exists, the other one is absent.

Their nature is different.

Ego is violent, barbaric, assailant, loves to show up, to fight, to conquer and to win. It loves to be popular and to have a power. Love is silent, shy, weak, unobtrusive, unmillitantly and it will always does a step back afore the Ego. Love never fights with Ego for predominance, but waits – for eons which flow alongside with your lives, while it still patiently waits that you – after innumerability lives, after all, understand that your Ego is leading you nowhere and that with its help you’ll never hear, the Song of Own Soul. You need lives and lives, experienced in pain and suffer to finally realize that right Ego prevents you in that.

That Ego is a Jailer of your Soul.

In Egoland Ego is necessary because without it, it seems that you don’t exist, but you have to overgrow it because your next stop is – Love.

Where is no Ego, there is Love.
Don’t be in fallacy, Love isn’t love of Ego which is based on postulates: "I love you because you pamper me”"I love you so many as I have benefits of you” and "I love you because you derive from me”. Love is more of that, it is the state of consciousness which is the first step to Freedom – to love everything, regardless on pleasure, benefit or affiliation, is incredible experience. It represents accepting and recognition of the universe’s spirit who connects you with everything existing. If you don’t let Love to fill you, then you’re still in a prison of Ego.

Therefore, feel it and be opened for it, removing of you all layers of Ego. When they disappear, when they cleared away, then there is nothing else – except You and Love.

You are going to make a smile, I know – just as I do writing these rows. It is simply, isn’t it?!


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