Healing of the person who is not present here and who is at some other location – many times for thousands kilometers away, always attracted the attention of the people.

Although sometimes controversial with positive results which are ascribed to patient’s autosuggestion and his desire to be healed, it is still used in present as one of the most important techniques of healing.

Actually, what is healing at distance?
There are more ways whereby it is possible to realize healing process – in some of them there are used symbols through them is realizing activation of healing energies, in others the God is calling or the saints of the religion healer belongs to and pray for a healing of the patient, and at the third way the healing is realizing by visual imagination of healing energies and the whole process of healing … and beside mentioned above processes, there are dozens of different approaches to healing exist, and everyone of them has its own value.

In a process we apply here, healing is based on meditation where healer establishes connection with own Soul, after all he just sends a request for that person’s healing with spiritual energies of the universe, while all "technical” part of healing is realized by Spiritual Energies.

"Wait for a minute, so why I need you, why my Soul and Healing Energies don’t heal me itself, without your intervention?”
Because all your spiritual energies can not operate without your healing request, because on such a way they would break your Free Will.

Majority of people don’t even know that they have Soul, while those who know, until they heal and clean Ego negativism, aren’t in situation to establish stronger connection with it. Then, it is approved that healing request be addressed by someone who already has established connection with own Soul.

"Can you explain me this process in detail?”
Yes, I can. Connection between healer and his Soul during meditation is getting stronger and stronger than usually, so his Soul then automatic reads recently arrived requests for healing, adding it to previous requests, immediately establish current connection with Souls of all persons asked for healing and transmits them their requests.
Inasmuch there is necessary for some person’s healing energy effect which exceeding bounds of energetic spectrums of own Soul, then it asks Healing Universe Energies for healing of own person.

Whereas because of traumas, negative emotions and blockades by Ego, some persons who asked for healing don’t have sufficiently strong connection with their Souls, then their Souls send healing packages of energies to the Soul of healer, through whom they got healing requests. Soul of that healing energy further goes to healer’s energetic system and over energetic center of Soul Evolucional Consciousness and/or Third Eye’s chakra (energetic point) send to those persons who need that healing energy.

We shall say that during this process there is impossible to take a wrong delivery, because every healing energy package contains within it, a starting request which every person sent to the healer (by the answering machine or by the picture), so in this case it represents one kind of energetic address. When healing energies come to particular person over aura or chakras, they come in into energetic system of the person, starting healing processes in energetic bodies.

It doesn’t mean that persons asked for healing will get daily healing canalizing assigned to them, because that rate is determined by Souls and Healing Energies it selves, depending of disorder type/disease and energies which are canalizing. Inasmuch there is entirely healing of the person or even an atmost betterments his condition or karma accept, it results with finishing of healing canalizing process.

Although during this process, the healer is entirely aware, healing canalizing is happening without any willingly, reflective or emotional interference by his side, but the whole process is guided by the Soul.

How does it functioning?
Unlike of physical present person’s healing – which very easier to explain and accept, healing of absent person realize in a dimension which we can’t perceive – at this level of consciousness. At that dimension of consciousness and life, there are no limits like in our world – time doesn’t exist as something what has own "begining” and "the end”, neither space is experienced as "here” and "there”. Everything happens now and here. Difference between Belgrade, Sydney and the most distant star in the Universe doesn’t exist. Everything is One.

In that unity of life, Healing Energies remove energetic blockades, "patch” damaged aura’s membrane, again activate numb chakras to work, realize "operations” at energetic part of sick organ, and apply all those procedures which are necessary for the healing.

Effectiveness of the process depends of several conditions:

- ability of the healer to establish "pure” channel with own Soul and the Spiritual Healing Energies.

- is disease recently or is it chronically

- age of the patient and general condition of the patient’s organism

- is karma of that person "allows” healing

How Spiritual Energies exactly know which person – of all existing, needs Healing?
For healing of physical absent person, there is necessary his picture or at least a phone call, because the picture or a voice contains within it "a print” of that person’s energetic field – some kind of "energetic identity card ", which is necessary to Healing Energies to direct healing exactly to that person, not to some other.

All persons regardless on type of disorder or disease who have need for healing, and especially who suffer from traumas originated due war syndrome, family maltreatment, disruption of emotive relation, stress, different fears, depression and other emotional disturbances, then persons with diagnosed epilepsy, as well as those who are healing of dependency disease, can be registered for a healing.

Persons on serving of prison punish who need healing, if must sent picture or audio file by mail, also can be healed.

In this case, sign up to Yandex and sent video-mail (or upload your video on Youtube and mark him as "private”) with asking for healing and is enough to give your’s name, and noted for what the disorder / disease you need healing. Don’t cite medical diagnosis, neither detailed explain chronology of your disease, because it means nothing neither to me and to the Healing Energies. This is because they heal disturbances your energetic bodies, so for example, for a pain in a leg it is necessary to heal energetic disturbance in aura, which is 2-3 meters away from the body.

Don’t interrupt medical therapy (if it is still in progress) and observe the advices of your doctor. Energy healing doesn’t represent replacement for medical treatment, but it represents some kind of energetic part of your being’s healing, with spiritual energies of the Universe.

Request for the healing of those persons – who used to ask for that on above mentioned way, will be addressed to Spiritual Healing Energies once a day.

In this process of healing, there is no limitation for number of persons for whom the requests are addressed because Healing Energies can’t be "spent”, and it can’t be "boring” for them those daily request (neither me), but contrary, however if from any reason you consider that healing is not necessary to you anymore, you can call the same phone number and cancel it. During next request for the healing, you’ll be isolated from that process.

I wish you health and happiness.

There are some questions related
with healing at distance, while I gave answers on
some unasked questions, to make this topic much intelligible.

"What are Spiritual Healing Energies "?
Although that relationship periodically can be changeable, about 99% of the Universe consists of energies, while just 1%, of hard material – planets, celestial bodies, even our physical bodies.
We don’t see those energies and we don’t feel with our senses, so we consider "deservedly” that the Universe is "empty and that there is only hard materials exist.
Even those who accept energy existing and its healing role, its influence mostly is understood as the way of faded grass irrigation with the bucket of water, which is wrong. Energy is always at the same time a state of the consciousness.

At the Universe there are innumerability kinds of energies, which nature is adopted its purpose, so that’s the case with Healing Energies.
They don’t know who is the winner of Champion Cup 1996, don’t know what about the prices of tons of copper at Chicago exchange, don’t know names of the star actors from the movie "Gone with the wind, neither all those things interesting them. But they know everything what is necessary for the healing of man’s energetic system healing, to help him make it possible for further continuation of own spiritual development.

"What is the feeling during healing process "
This is highly individual and depends of personal sensitivity. Mainly, it is possible to feel energy flow, vibrations, "moving of the ants”, warm…in the parts of the body or in a sicken organ.
Otherwise, it is easier to feel healing energies while you are slickly lieing in a living room than you are outside for a jogging. Inasmuch you’re sensitive enough, so you feel that healing is in progress, just sit, close your eyes and relax. Don’t analyze and evaluate the process, but allow yourself complete sense of energies.

All Healing Energies respect basic law of the Universe – immunity of every being’s free will, so if you are occupied with some activity (driving, business conversation…) and you don’t want to interrupt it, they won’t be "boring” to you, so the healing will be realized on – for you, "silent” way.

Inasmuch there are emotional traumas, during of after healing the crying can appears. This crying is unburden and painlessly, because it appears as a consequence of the your trauma’s pain’s healing (without its renewed experience).

Inasmuch you aren’t sensitive, you’ll feel nothing, but regardless on it, the healing will have entirely the same effect.

Regardless which is problematic disease, every healing is followed by healing energies of peace and harmony.

"How long healing process lasts”
Request for the healing is addressed for all person at once, and the healing happens also at once, for all persons. That’s the way the healing process plays in a dimension of Healing Energies’ influence. However, simply manifestation of healing energies’ influence plays according to the nature of "our” – physical plan, so that "moment” has particular time drift, which can lasts from 5-15-30 or more minutes. The lenght of duration isn’t conclusively for the success of the healing, but it depends of the nature of simply healing process, which is unique for every person.

Без обзира да ли је у питању даљинско или непосредно исцељење, увек се ради блок од четири исцељења током прва два месеца, након чега се може видети колики је напредак постигнут, а затим се може наставити са исцељењима на сваких 15 дана. Када се ради непосредно исцељење, особа седи насупрот исцелитеља затворених очију и опуштена, а уколико је сензитивна, током каналисања (које у просеку траје 30-ак минута) осетиће пријатно дејство исцељујућих енергија. Како би се особа осећала сигурно и опуштено током каналисања, у просторији је присутан и неко њој близак.

Само исцељење може се радити на два начина:
– молбом за исцељење конкретног поремећаја/болести или
– молба се упућује за исцељење онога шта тренутно представља њен највећи проблем, при чему исцелитељ не зна (и не интересује га) шта је у питању. Међутим, Душа и духовне енергије тачно знају којем делу њеног бића је потребно исцељење, па ће деловати у том правцу. У оба случаја, исцељујући ефекат је исти.

(Уколико се ради непосредно исцељење и уколико се оно обавља у пацијентовом стану, током посете ништа не једем, не пијем и не рукујем се са укућанима, јер ми све то нарушава енергетску хармонију. Исцељење је бесплатно, а ко жели може оставити скроман новчани прилог.)

"How long after the healing I can perceive first results of the healing”
Healing is rarely instantaneously, because suddenly changes in energetic and physical bodies aren’t desirably. Healing is realized at the most natural possible way, leaving person unexposed to some kind of stress and dissatisfaction. It is easier to compare it with a new day’s sunrise, whereby nowise you can catch the moment when the twilight becomes fully daily light and with surprise you’ll understand in time that (if the healing be totally successful), the simptoms of your disease are disappeared so you are feeling healthy again.

Beside that, the best judgement about your health will give you your friends who didn’t see you for a certain time.

"Do you charge healing at distance” ?

"Why” ?
Ability of the healing can appears in several cases:

1. – as natively gift or as a during life developed gift.

2. – as an ability which appears within particular religion practice.

3. – as an ability which appears during own spiritual development.

1. – Writers, painters, musicians, actors, athletes…all of them charge their gift, so why healers won’t do it?!
Inasmuch somebody helps you to retrieve your health and if the prices of those services are so acceptable for you and for majority of the people, than it’s OK. Don’t forget that the healers have a family, so thereby they have an obligation to realize their and own needs.
Suddenly enrichment, villa, Mercedes Coupe and skiing at Aspen doesn’t belong here, so every healer must decide alone where is the limitation of the money.

2. – Inasmuch the ability of healing appears due to particular religion practice, than it is not charging, but only charities is accepted.

3. – Inasmuch the ability of healing appears as a consequence of personal spiritual development, then it is not charging but only charities is accepted, if the healer didn’t resolve his necessary at some other way (retirement, heritage…).

Let me mention that quality of the healing doesn’t depend of that, so the healer who charges can make more success in the process of healing, than the one who doesn’t charge, neither the person who doesn’t charge, isn’t "spiritually farther”, than the one who does it.
Simply said, it’s just the way that everyone separately experience as healing gift on own.

"Do you belong to some kind of religion, sacred sect or occultism group "?
No, no and no.

I am acquired – just as a several thousands of other people, by spiritual healer and since then with daily healing meditations I succeeded to heal a certain number of own chronically and acutely traumas and diseases, where some of them were very seriously.

Healing and elimination of emotional and physical traumas, mental blockades and imposed negative programs since the childhood, are naturaly resulted with the appearance of the number of psychological insights, which I presented through the series of texts on this site.


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