Majority of people consider that possesing of Pentium IV beside informatics, also has and protecting influence, so it is considered as a some kind of technological garlic which will repel all evil things from their lives. It seems that with its possesion nothing wrong, nothing evil has no wide, height and lenght, and that nothing what we can see, hear, smell of break with a hammer can’t penetrate in their little world. Oh, yes, it is possible, for sure. If the expression "black magic” is so old-fashioned for you, than call that "thing” howsoever you want, search in your memory all strange and inexplicably cases which were happen to you or your friends and name will appear itself. You’ll recognize it.

Imagine laughing, healthy, jolly person, who has a lot of plans in front of his. That person is situated, high educated, maybe emotional not completely filled (but who is), modern, occupied by unique mystery of daily sun birth. And then, by accident, that person is located in a presence of some other person – maybe not longer than a minute, and suddenly he goes mad. Mad – not in a sense that you have to decline him from the top of the highest tree in a city park, but in a sense to lose contact and consciousness about own identity, so he doesn’t understand what is going on with him. That person goes mad that all him willingly and thoughtful functions are repressed and almost turned off. That person possesses body, emotions and just a little bit of semiconsciousness and approximately – that’s all. That person feels that something happens to him, something ugly, something what appears from outside, outside of his or her, but doesn’t know what.

Maybe, the last sparkles of consciousness will make him to think about magic, but… "no, it’s not that”, he will shake own head, watching in own Pentium IV. There is no magic exists.

Howsoever, is it exists or no, that person is feeling worst and worst. That person feels that part by part of his being dies out and retreats, scared because of something what overshadowing his consciousness. It seems that somebody or something, slightly and warily, pulls from the root the essence of those what makes him a human being. And it hurts strong, stronger and stronger, it becomes insuperable, so with a panic look that person seeks for something what will turn off the pain. As an answer on the prayer, as a solution of the pain, pleasant pictures suddenly overwhelm his mind, giving a hope that everything will be finished soon.

Maybe it will be flying.

The person will feel that he has a bird’s body and that perpetually he was a bird, feeling wings and the power captured in it, feeling the tail, every plume separately, feeling the perfume of the wind which call you for a ride. Short pounce and he sails through the air, leaving behind pain, suffer, resistance, struggle and while earth rushes to him with incredibly speed, the whole being at least pulsate satisfied with so long expected peace.

This can be, but it doesn’t have to be a briefly description of magic influence. Not all suicides caused by it, not all, but some of them are, for sure.

Mental disturbances
Although a wide term, mental disturbances and diseases include change of some person’s psyche, where that person lose the ability of real perception and experience of himself or herself and a world, whereby the intelligence is often kept.

As a cause of disease, there are often appears genetic predisposition, organic changes on the brain, emotional stress life situations, but significant factor is represented by years – with accent on adulthood. Although the spectrum of mental diseases can be so wide, there are mostly manifested in a form of psychopathic disturbances, schizophrenia and delusion depressive states. Simpler forms of mental diseases can be latent for a long time until some particular life situations could make them for awake. More complicated forms are repressed by drugs, but permanently curings are uncertainly and rarely.

Symptoms of magic influence
Symptoms which appears due magic influence are so similar to the symptoms of mental diseases.
Magician with own influence violently penetrate into aura’s membrane of the victim, whereby directly realizes influence on victim’s medical state, behaviour, thinking and recognition of the world. intrinsically observed, the magician is attaching on victim’s energetic system and with suppression of victim’s will and consciousness, assumes guidance over him. Violent impact always leads to the breakage of aura’s membrane or protection membranes on chakras (depending of the type and the point of impact), so consequently, into victim’s consciousness – except commands of magician, impact also random vibrations of other people – in a form of voices, thoughts, visions victim can’t stop and "kick out”.

Basic horror which dominate over the victim is just that entirely helplessness and absence of own consciousness contact control. Victim is – against his will, entirely possessed by the magician and forced on thinking about the magician for "24 hours a day”, so all this can lasts for months even years, whereby victims id degraded at the level of "mental puppet” – being without will and self-consciousness. The victim many times indicates that the voices in his head command and guide him to make some particular actions – mostly murders (or suicides), so often after realizing of those crimes, those voices stop to appear, so then the victim acquire his lost peace again (!).

Every individually thought or emotion which we constantly make and automatic transmit is spreading as a bubble, more and more, whereby "touching” auras of all people on the planet and with the speed of thought reaches to do "end” of the universe. Imagine yourself buried into the ocean of thoughts and emotions which every day make 6.5 milliards of people! Without healthy and impenitrably aura’s membrane, they would be simply become mad, smashed by cacophony of those plenty.

Magic in affect
Magician own performance mostly makes on two ways:

- by visual imagining of the victim, whereby using particular ritual which can help him. All energy – called by visualisation and ritual, the magician directs and "collect” in imagined picture which he is programming in accordance with the goal – for attraction or capturing of that person, provoking of diseases, death… and send it to the victim. Contact with the victim can be established immediately or over something palpably what is connected with the victim: picture, clothes, blood, sexual secretions, hair, nails…
Regardless with physical distance, this magic can be extremely destructive and deathly.

- by projection of own astral body in direct nearness of the victim and "immerging” into victim’s aura, magician pushes away the victim’s and imposes own consciousness so the victim own thinking and behaviour adopt in accordance with it. The magician usually projects the "movie” to the victim, which is many times still elaborated and used by many generations of previous practicians, so in accordance with that the magician has inside own body strong energetic charge which already has an influence on the victim.

Movie projects just then when the victim is so exhausted and at the edge of his or her energy, so hence the magician represents for the victim so needed phase in peace finding.

One of scenario’s is:
"Sometimes, long ago, there were live two tribes one beside the other. And how it is often used to be, they struggled among them. Beside the mutually hates of those tribes – or just because of that, young man and a young woman from tribes in conflict, fallen in love. At nobody’s land, at some glade, there was a little sycamore forest, chosen by them for their meetings. One day,when they were together, suddenly at the horse girl’s father appeared and when he saw them he hit the lance at his daughter. Wanting to save her, young man received the lance with his chests and fell down dieing. Holding gently his nice face into her folded arms, she asked him for the last desire.

Dying, he asked a God to transform him into the flower, as a last gift to her. Thence, the rose became eternal symbol of man’s love toward the woman.”

Every healthy-reasonable person, on this scenario-movie, acceptable for the most banal love stories, would be sweetly laugh. However, victim isn’t healthy-reasonable because his intellect is almost 90% pushed away and "replaced” by intellect and scenario / movie / reality which magician projects. This movie will repeat until the victim don’t pass to, what is provided by scenario in this example, in reality donate a rose, namely, himself. One of the most normal act of care, in this scenario is used as a "trigger” which is necessary for the magician to take personal energy of the victim by his will, which was in this case a basic goal of attack. Also, there is important "pray to a God”, because on that way victim requires from "act of God” to help him to "help ” victim to transform himself into the plant – flower as a "gift” to his dear person.

It’s a paradox, but whereas this for victim represents phase of pain termi-nation and struggle, the victims realizes it as a positive and "disengagement”.

Here we showed just one of possible scenarios, from which everyone can be imagined in accordance with desired goal. As we noted earlier, a huge majority of scenarios represent legacy of magic groups, so hence their appliance, for those who are trained for magic activity is relative simply. Don’t be deceived with its, in many situations, banal content, because it is intentionally and reasonable adopted to be "please” to your subconsciousness, because your – by the magician pushed away consciousness, would automatic reject it as a nonsense.

This text describes just a little part of magic tradition so we hope that you alone wouldn’t be exposed to its influence. From this text you can conclude that magic is not just a story about ugly witches and chicken bones, but it’s a skill of evil causing to the other person on some artful and methodical way. If you somebody find yourself in a company of the person who tells "stupidities”, turn off you Pentium IV for a while and listen that story.

Magic exists.


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